Conference Themes

Track 1: Strategies and Policies

Traffic Operations Centers (TOCs)

Pricing/Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Fee Based Express (HOT) Lanes

Vehicle-Miles Traveled (VMT)  Usage Fees

Variable Parking Fees

Electronic Fare Payment (example, Smart Cards)

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA)

Track 2: Technology and Systems

Traffic Control System

Traffic Counting & Monitoring System

Parking Lot Management System

Travelers Information System

Violation Detection System

Traffic Congestion Management System using various technologies

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

Route Guidance/Navigation Systems

Track 3: Capacity Building for ITS

Dedicated-Short-Range Communications

Wireless Networks

Mobile Telephony

Radio wave or Infrared Beacons

Roadside Camera Recognition

Probe Vehicles or Devices

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

Dynamic Message Signs (or “Variable” Message Signs)

Ram Metering

Electronic Toll Collections (ETC)

Automatic Vechicle Allocation (AVN)

Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance System (CICAS)

Track 4: Analytics for ITS

Intelligent Transit Trip Planner and Real-time Route Information

Real-time Traffic Information Provision Parking Information

Roadside Weather Information Systems

Real-time Status Information for Public Transit System (e.g. Bus, Subway, Rail)